There’s no ending without beginning

I believe it was the great spiritual sensei, Gautama, aka the Buddha who uttered the antique adage “There are two mistakes one can make, along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.”

Not to judge, but how many of us are guilty of making those mistakes? Never finishing what we started? Or even worse, never acting and starting something which may have lead to our salvation.

I know I’m definitely guilty, for many times have I started reading a book without finishing it, and times when I made plans without seeing them through. I’m sure there’s a book buried beneath my bed befriending dust, because I’m apparently too busy to finish it.

To avoid beating myself up for making those mistakes, I blame procrastination for stealing my time. But the truth is I’m wasting my own time.

Perhaps I’m forgetting the clock is tick-tocking so fast that the opportunity to make my dreams a reality may slip past me like an hour in the blink of an eye?

I incorporated the soulful quote from antiquity into the introduction of this post–because this is my, and this blogs, first post–to emphasize the significance of starting.

This post marks the start of my journey running a blog collectively and not individually.

I’ve always wanted to co-host a blog with my peers, but I never got off my ass and did something about it.

But thankfully that’s history now, for I’m co-running this blog with fellow bloggers.

We started this blog, and are on the road to discovering the truth which will set us free to unleash our power as writers, the truth which will help us work well in groups, and to learn from one another, as well as from other bloggers here on the blogosphere.

So in light of our journey to the truth, I wanted to encourage my fellow co-bloggers not to stop, to go all the way since we already did the hard part of starting.

Of course it will not be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. Our differences in opinion may bring about discord, but I believe we are strong enough to overcome them. I believe we will go all the way to the top of this mountain of blogging, without stopping when things get hard and challenging.

And of course, I also pray that you are not lazying around sleeping on your dreams, shying away from greatness, waiting for your dreams to land on your lap.

Instead I wish you are finishing all the races you started, and starting all the journeys your soul wants to take to the truth.

Thank you, for visiting our blog, and for reading my maiden post on this blog.

Till next time, adieux!


    1. Thanks Kevanhu, for leaving a comment.

      I’m glad you found value from the post. I myself tend to start things and take forever finishing them. But I’m learning the importance of concluding what you started.

      Personally, I can’t wait to start getting a taste of your work


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